Rent In The OC – 7 Websites

Here are 7 websites to help you find your vacation rental in Ocean City Maryland.

MD OC Rentals 7 Sites

Now that we have decided to utilize a Vacation Rental in Ocean City Maryland, where do I start looking?!

The first place I started looking was on the website, the Official Site of Ocean City Maryland Convention and Visitors Bureau and Department of Tourism. Although it has plenty of options it became a little to overwhelming to search through all their “Accommodations”, especially when I needed to search for specifics.

There are plenty of advertisements, but most of them would redirect me to another website to search the properties. Note that most rental properties are handled by local property management companies. Also I need to see PHOTOS….pictures can be deceiving but I need some sort of pictures of what I am looking to rent. If you think a blind date is horrifying…just imagine what a blind vacation rental could end up like.

Here is a list of other OC Vacation Rental Websites to browse.

Note these are not the only Vacation Rental Websites to find a rental in OC. You can utilize large conglomerate Vacation Rental Websites that have a data base of over hundreds, thousands and even millions of Vacation Rentals national and world-wide.

If you have not looked into Vacation Rentals, it’s fairly easy to do. There are a plenty of rental websites out there. I specifically found our OC rental on VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owners). I highly suggest creating a log-in for these rental sites. For example VRBO provides you the option to save favorites and allows you to categorize your searches by location. Most Vacation Rental Websites provide an array of search options that you can filter to help you find what you might be looking for is your Vacation Rental.

VRBO offers basic search options ranging from number the rental sleeps, bedrooms and price range. If you need to search more specifically such as property type (house, condo apartment etc.) or suitability (kid friendly, handicap access etc.) you can apply additional filters to assist in your search for the perfect rental.

The rental listings provide overviews, reviews, calendar, rates, location and photos. It is typical when those who are in search of a Vacation Rental plan on a week’s stay. Most rates are provided by the week cost and varies based upon the season in which you are wanting to visit/rent. Keep in mind although most look to rent by the week there are mini-week rental’s available as well. Typically most rental properties require at least a 3 night minimum. So be sure not to rule out Vacation Rentals even if you aren’t going to stay a full 7 days.

When you are planing your next vacation stay, be sure to consider a Vacation Rental for your vacationing and family needs. You might be pleasantly surprised as to what you will find and for the cost too. It’s at least worthy of “browse”.


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