Here are more Dollar Savings for when you get to where you are going. Traveling can become hectic especially when traveling with children, so we sometimes tend to forget the simple resolutions.

MD More Dollar Savings When Traveling

With shopping lists in hand and Dollar Tree and Walmart on our way to Ocean City, I was prepared to get the shopping necessities over with so we could set up shop in our Vacation Rental and start enjoying our trip.

Dollar Tree, and stores alike, can be a great resource to get perfect travel items amongst a plethora of other items, those you might or might not need.

Depending on when your flight is arriving you can determine if you want to purchase before you go or when you get to where you are going.

Now remember not only did I concentrate on travel size items, I knew if any of the items we purchased were used up, left behind or tossed spending, a dollar per item, I didn’t feel as if I wasted the money.

I was able to get travel size deodorants, toothpaste, make-up, disposable toothbrushes, medicine, children sunglasses. We got snacks and treats.

Strategy …I suggest depending on how your trip is planned, to try and stop here first before you head to the big box store like Walmart, that way you can mark off the items you picked up on dollar savings.

There are tons of items here that can help you find your list almost completed before you leave the store.

  • Household: Kitchen  & Dining, Batch Tissue, Cleaning Products
  • Pantry: Food, Snacks, Candy, Beverages, Plastic & Paper Ware
  • Health & Beauty: Oral Care, Bath & Body, Hair Care, Cosmetics, Medicine
  • Toys

Make the Dollar Tree or other dollar saving stores are great for savings on your next trip regardless of where your headed or what type of accommodations you have chosen. But I can definitely vouch that it helped us fill our needs for our Vacation Rental.


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