Ocean City Boardwalk and Beyond

Ocean City authentic wooden Boardwalk has so much to offer and more.

Ocean City Boardwalk and More

Infamous for it’s 3 mile classic wooden Boardwalk, Ocean City is most popular in the Summer. The Boardwalk starts to come alive around mid April to the first part of May. But the expected vacation season starts the weekend of Memorial Day and goes through Labor Day. Please don’t be mistaken that this is not the only time of the year you should visit OC. Of course it will be hot, humid, packed and pricey (high season travel), however there is still much do to and see after the season closes on Labor Day.

We arrived the following Saturday after Labor Day to find that OC Boardwalk was still on the move. Whether that was locals or vacationers didn’t seem to matter, it was still hopping with people. We did find that the majority of the shops were open and those that were not open mid-week opened again on the weekend.

At the top of the Boardwalk is Timper’s Amusement Park, which offers outdoor and indoor rides and games. Timper’s Rides features common carnival rides categorized as Thrills, Family and Kiddie. Thrill and Family rides such as Avalanche, Freakout, Tidal Wave and Wacky Worm, to name a few, were closed. There were some outdoor family and kiddie rides still open. The indoor rides of Timper’s Amusement Park are open daily in the season and holiday weekends throughout much of the winter. Note most of these are kiddie rides. Visit their site for a more information on rides, games, ticket info etc.

Although the website ococean.com (the Official Site of Ocean City Maryland Convention and Visitors Bureau and Department of Tourism) was not useful to me for finding accommodations, I did however utilize this site to help check the OC local scene for Events, Things To Do and Explore OC to name a few options. It was a great resource to check out what might be going on at the time we were going to be in the OC. Of course I learned that the upcoming weekend, our tail end of our week stay, there was going to be a Biker’s Festival from Thursday to Sunday with the main attraction starting at the Convention Center.

The event is officially known as OC BikeFest, which happens to be an annual event every September. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were SO many bikers. From Hot Rods, Fat Boys, Classics, Harley’s, Cruisers, Tri-Wheels, Bullets and Side-Cars…you name it you can expect to see it. Not to mention those you didn’t even know existed…a 4 seater! Don’t have any pre-conceived notion of who you might see maneuvering these bikes as you will see drivers ranging from the young to the seasoned. They come from all over, mostly east coast residents but they come from the north, south and everywhere in between. Definitely worth seeing if you are in the area, especially if you are a bike enthusiast.

Another BIG after season even is Sunfest which occurs about the 3rd weekend in September. Sunfest is known as one of OC’s biggest and best festivals and is nationally known. It is a Classic and Contemporary Craft Show which also includes food vendors, hayrides, inflatables on the beach and live entertainment. Best of all its free….yes that is what I said F-R-E-E! Who doesn’t love a free festival…that allows you to save your money for crafts or food…and more food!

Don’t forget Winterfest of Lights either. I had the pleasure of going to this the first year we were married and traveled home to visit, before our two adorable girls. You can board the Winterfest Express train taking you on a 1 mile journey of a spectacular light show and a ginormous Christmas Tree lit to perfection. You can even order hot cocoa to go or upon return if you need to warm up. We made it an extended family trip with Chef Husband’s Mother, Auntie and Siblings (spouses and children included) and bundled up for the ride. Their Winterfest Pavilion also offers a gift shop if you want that special something to mark your memorable Christmas outings. Note there are even some boardwalk stores and restaurants that stay open over the Christmas Holiday.

OC is not short of things to do. They seem to offer a festival for every season and then some. SpringFest, Arts Alive, Air Shows and Sundaes in the Park…thee are only a few. OC is packed with events and things to do. And it couldn’t get any worse…it’s along the beach. But then maybe you need to be a beach lover to appreciate that.

Here are other great resources checking out Ocean City Maryland:

If you ever have considered, had a passing thought, or never even imagined visiting Ocean City Maryland, I urge you take a closer look. This place is packed with family friendly activities and so much to do and see. Not to mention if you are a people watcher, as Chef Husband and myself are, this is a great place to sit on a bench and do just that.

There is something for everybody.




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