Green Olive Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich

A different approach to a breakfast sandwich on artisan Green Olive Sourdough bread.

Bacon Egg Cheese Cream Cheese on Green Olive Sourdough

Change up your breakfast sandwich. Fresh Green Olive Sourdough Bread with Cream Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Egg and Cheddar Cheese.

 If you haven’t ventured out to you local farmer’s market, you are missing out on an incredible experience. Especially if your local farmer’s market is anything like the one we have at Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. Vendors offer TASTE TEST.

Who doesn’t like free food. Ok so it’s not a full meal but it sure adds up by the time you make it around the square. Fresh fruit, vegetables, herb, kettle corn, gourmet cookies and bakery goods…oh the list goes on.

This short and condensed version does not even include what we like to call “Restaurant Row”. Only wish all those on “Restaurant Row” tasted tested too. Good this in they are usually there weekly. So if you attend regularly you can try some new each week.

Now keep in mind the food is only one aspect of a farmer’s market. There are vendors with art, crafts, photography, paintings and clothing. I know I am forgetting some. But then again being a foodie I don’t pay as much attention to the non food items.

With that said and giving credit to other vendors who attend a farmer’s market, let’s head back to the food. There are a handful of bakery vendors that attend regularly such as Volkers, Vosens, Great Harvest, Pierre’s, Tulie and Crumb Brothers. They all have their specialties and we have our favorites.

The top of our list is the Green Olive Sourdough from Crumb Brother’s Bakery. Unfortunately we have to wait all summer before we can even purchase one. Our farmer’s market kicks off in June and goes to mid October. The Green Olive Sourdough is not an item that they offer all summer long. It doesn’t arrive until about August.

However this year it was not available until October, right before the end of the season. Since we waited so long for this amazing bread we decided to buy two loaves and put on in the freezer, so we can ration it until next year.

Sourdough is my FAVORITE bread of all time. And this particular flavor with the green olives is very addicting. Our favorite way to eat it is toasted, with a slight char, and smeared with cream cheese. Chef Husband is a huge pepper fan, so his is topped with fresh cracked black pepper.

However I thought I would try something different. I still toasted it and smeared it with cream cheese. But decided to add a cooked egg, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese. OH MY GOODNESS! On the strong sourdough bread with briny green olives. MMM…MMM…MMM.

This is super easy to throw together. I made it in a matter of minutes.


1 Egg

2 Slices Green Olive Sourdough Bread

Original Flavor Cream Cheese

1 Slice Cheddar Cheese

2 Strips of Crispy Bacon

Salt and Pepper – to taste

Using a small fry pan, steam or fry the egg. It can be runny, hard or somewhere in between. Salt and pepper the egg, to taste. After the egg is cooked to your likeness, remove from heat and top with a slice of cheese to allow to melt on the egg. Toast sourdough bread and smear with cream cheese. Add the cooked egg with cheese and top with crispy bacon.

Now sit back down, take a bite and enjoy!

If you can’t get your hands on a green olive sourdough, try kalamata olive or any artisan sourdough bread.

Bacon Egg Cheese Cream Cheese on Green Olive Sourdough


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