“Dodo” Over Desserts

“Dodo” Over Desserts with huge portions.

Dodo Over Desserts

Wonderful boss’s…I am one of the lucky few. In a token of their appreciation for our hard work, they treated our department to a lunch.

Who doesn’t love going to lunch on the company right?! Not only do we get treated to lunch, which usually includes shared appetizers and your choice of dessert (if your into the sweets), we also get paid to be there. Truth is I work with a great group and we get along so well; cohesively in business terms. It’s always fun to be able to get together and relax…outside of the building. But most of all I am grateful that they show us the appreciation they have for us. First company I worked for that wants you to know you are valued.

Of course with 10 of us it can make it a bit more difficult to get seated. But it doesn’t help on our part that we didn’t choose a restaurant that take reservations. Nor did it help that we decided to go right at noon. Yes on a work day…how silly.

The Dodo Restaurant in Sugar House Park. I believe our group went there this time last year, however we (my husband and myself that is) just had our second daughter and I was on leave. I could have joined but with our little one just days old I didn’t want to leave her.

So this was my first experience at The Dodo. It appears to be a well-known neighborhood bistro offering Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and even Lil’ Dodo’s for the kiddos.

There lunch portions were plenty in size. I was impressed with their side salad that accompanied the sandwiches, as it is more than a 5 five bite salad. Hurray for normal portions! Let me assure you know, you won’t leave hungry.

The appetizers and lunch were great but let me get to the good stuff…DESSERT.

They apparently make all their desserts in-house…yes that’s what I said. They have an in-house Pastry Chef. What a nice change to a restaurant. So many restaurants these days either outsource to another company or they provide packaged desserts (they just wouldn’t ever admit it). One might find some restaurants that may offer a signature dessert or two that are made in-house, but that isn’t very common nowadays.

The Dodo does offer about 10 desserts. I believe a couple of the desserts are more signature desserts such the Tollhouse Pie. It’s chocolaty and gooey. I am a fan of cookies and brownies just under cooked so this dessert was right up my chocolate crazed heart.

If you like fruit desserts give the Mile High Apple Pie a try. This thing is no joke. I can’t even imagine just how many apple trees it took to make this bad boy. You can try one of their long-lasting signature desserts or stop by more often to check out their six freshly made dessert specials. I can’t imagine there isn’t something that doesn’t meet your sweet tooth.

Dodo Over Desserts

The truth is the lunch portions are plenty but unless you have a monstrous appetite there is no way your getting dessert down too. These desserts are GINORMOUS. This is no understatement.  So my advise is to save yourself the trouble and just order the dessert to go. Or just start with dessert…shhh…don’t tell mom.


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