On The Go – Best Travel High Chair

Totseat is the BEST travel high chair. Light weight, washable and stores easily!

On The Go - Best Travel High ChairAlthough our vacation rental was well equipped, it didn’t have all the amenities that we needed while traveling with our two toddlers. Facing yet another challenge… how are we going to handle meal times while on vacation.

Of course there was the option that we could feed one child at a time with one parent feeding the hungry child while the other patron held the eating child on their lap. Not such a bad option if there is only 1 child or if you don’t think your children will not be hungry at the same time. Ha…ha…ha! In an imaginary world maybe. Besides who would man the unrestrained child while the two parents tackled the feeding of one child. This idea seemed ludicrous.

On The Go - Best Travel High Chair

We could rent the high-chairs from PMI Rentals as we did the cribs. However if we rented regular high chairs, they would have to stay in the rental.  It isn’t something we would be able to take with us when when visiting mom (Chef Husband’s). Which I know for a fact there is not a high chair on hand.

Hmmm… we needed something that wasn’t so stationary. We wanted something we could take with us to accommodate most any given scenario. Whether it was meal time in the vacation rental or we were out on the boardwalk stopping for ice-cream, at a restaurant (which might have limited high-chairs) or if visiting friends and family. We needed to be able to ensure we had it covered.

On The Go - Best Travel High Chair

On the hunt once more. If I haven’t already mentioned it…OH…how me and the internet are friends! Researching the possibilities. When I came across this travel high chair…the Totseat, I realized my problems were solved.

On The Go - Best Travel High Chair

It’s very versatile and the ability to fit most chair types allowing almost any given chair to be converted from an adult chair into a tot chair. High back or low, it will still work as there are buttons to help adjust the length. Straight back or rounded, there is a pull cord across the back to tighten as needed.

On The Go - Best Travel High Chair

With only two pieces, besides the carry bag, this high chair is easy set up, take down and packable. Don’t hesitate to toss it in the washer either. It’s a perfect grab and go high chair. I have had quite a few people ask me where I got such a cool high chair. I keep one in our diaper bag and one in the car to ensure I always have one on hand.

On The Go - Best Travel High Chair

The only set back is the child does sit low in the chair, as there is no “booster”. However when we have utilized the Totseat at someone’s home, we get creative and use a phone book, pot or baking pan upside down on the chair to boost them up.

Don’t let the minor set  back stop you from considering this travel high chair. It’s amazing. Even after 9 children and 13 grand children…my mommy is considering getting one for her house. And yes you read that correctly I said Mommy. I still call her mommy as will always be my mommy.

Totseat is a UK based company. But no fear as the Totseat can be found online in the U.S. from sites such as Amazon and Ebay as well as other miscellaneous websites. Just search for totseat in your search engine. On The Go - Best Travel High Chair

The Totseat was a little pricier than what I wanted to spend for a travel high chair, especially since I needed to purchase two of them, BUT I have found it has paid for itself… and then some. It worked out perfectly for our trip to Ocean City, Maryland and months later we are still utilizing the Totseats on a regular basis. Great investment!


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