A Beach With No Sand Castles?

A beach with no visual sand castles is possible but sand sculptures are just as amazing.

A Beach With No Sand Castles?

Sand castles are a given visual when you think of sandy beaches and waves crashing in the background. I know being reared in Southern California that it was a given. We could play for hours building sand castles or digging for sand crabs.

Besides, the buckets did act as a “two-for-one”. After building the sand castles the bucket became a carrier for the take home sand crabs. As young children we didn’t realize they wouldn’t survive in our plastic buckets, regardless how many times mom and dad tried to explain that to us.

Our sand castles were never extravagant or as amazing as the professionals such as Sand Masters on the Travel Channel. As a side note, if you haven’t seen this show yet, check it out. It’s pretty amazing what they can do with a few buckets and some water.

A Beach With No Sand Castles?

I don’t recall ever seeing any sand sculptures while living in Southern California. However, the first time I do recall seeing my first sand sculpture was ironically in Ocean City Maryland right after I graduated from high school and had gone to stay with my aunt and uncle for a few months. One of our many day trip, weekend adventures took us there.

I can recall how amazing they seemed to me. I think what talent the builders must have had and the patience it must have taken. Now about 20 years later I am just as amazed at seeing them now as I was then. And again it was here in Ocean City Maryland, but  this time I was sharing the experience with my dear Chef Husband and two little angels.

What was extremely fascinating this time, was the prior night to discovering the sand sculptures it had rained and pretty hard too. When we came across the sculptures it was incredible to see how much they were still in tact. We could see some small damage the rain had on the sculptures, but they were still incredibly intact and very recognizable as to what they were.

A Beach With No Sand Castles?

So needless to say there might not have been any sand castles on this trip, but the sand sculptures sure made up for it. The detail is always incredible and worth taking a moment to stop and appreciate the artwork. Anything is possible when you stroll down the boardwalk in Ocean City, be on the look out. And if you should happen across some of these amazing sand sculptures be sure to give them a little respect, they deserve. Even if it’s for the freelance artist that created it.


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