If life isn’t tough as we already know it…try being married to a chef. The easiest motto is “The Chef made it”. It’s a lot easier that way and no one is disappointed. There is something mysterious about the idea that the “Chef” made it and we sure don’t want anyone to feel cheated. I have always enjoyed good food and being married to a Chef not only defines one eye for presentation but also redefines one’s palate. So at times one might get classified as a “Food Snob”.  But we just like to classify ourselves as “Foodies”.

We love good food and we love to travel…what more could you want when you can combine the two. Anyone can become quite accustomed to the finer foods. For us, all in all, we really love the more simple foods in life. Of course every trip revolves around food. Each trip we have taken whether that be to Mexico, The Bahamas, Europe, Miami or wherever…it always includes a story about great food.

There appears to be a general consensus that when you have a family you have to give up travel. Not just for the monetary reasons, but because it doesn’t seem practical or possible traveling with children, especially toddlers…until they get older that is. I don’t believe that one bit. I see families traveling all the time, it might take some work, but they do it and I am determined to be one of those people. As traveling with small children is a new experience for us, I want to be able to share those experiences with others to show that traveling is still possible and if my discoveries help others than that is worth something in itself.

This is about the chef’s wife and our two toddlers with travel and food adventures to share with others.


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